Welcome to How to Cook an Egg, your one stop resource for all your Egg cooking needs. On this main page you'll find numerous recipes for cooking with eggs. In the future months i will be posting everything from dessert recipes, cake recipes and even cheesecake recipes, everything you will ever need for fantastic cooking without the price and bother of a cookbook.
However if you have more simplistic needs you can find complete instructions on cooking all the basic in the above pages. From scrambled eggs to fried eggs to baked eggs, Were not called How to Cook an Egg for no reason.

Baked Eggs

A fantastic way to serve eggs is to bake them. This method is a great way to serve a large number of people (at a dinner party or a family event) without too much trouble.
For this method of cooking you will need individual heatproof dishes, ramekins or heatproof tea cups work fantastically for this.

-          Step 1: Generously butter all the dishes (Ramekins of other) and break one egg into each dish.
-          Step 2: Season with whatever herbs or spices you like, or could just leave it plain.
-          Step 3: Spoon over a tablespoon of single cream into each dish.
-          Step 4: Place each of the dishes in a small roasting tin with enough hot water in the pan to come about half way up the side of the individual dishes.
-          Step 5: Bake at 190 C /375 / Gas Mark 5 for 15 minutes for a soft egg & 18-20 minutes for a slightly firmer egg.
-          Step 6: Enjoy this unique and under appreciated way of preparing eggs.

If you want to spice up baked eggs you can quite simply add other ingredients to the mix before cooking. Adding bacon, sausage, mushrooms or a bit of everything can make for a fantastic breakfast treat.